Thank you for your support of the 2021 Southern Region NLS and DYLC courses. These training sessions are a great way to ensure that the youth leaders and adult advisers within your lodge and section have the skills and resources necessary to tackle the tough challenges that the lodge and section face on a day-to-day basis. This toolkit contains a variety of resources for you to use in promoting these events. Please read the information below to better understand how to effectively utilize the resources contained within this toolkit.

Event Details

Here are the dates and locations of the 2021 Southern Region NLS and DYLC courses. We recommend that your lodge or section focus your promotion on the events that are geographically closest to your lodge or section.

  • September 24th-26th, 2021 (Registration Deadline: September 10th) Drury Inn & Suites Orlando, FL
  • November 12th-14th, 2021 (Registration Deadline: October 29th) BSA National Office Irving, TX
  • December 10th-12th, 2021 (Registration Deadline: November 26th) Embassy Suites Greensboro, NC

Registration for all NLS and DYLC courses is through NOAERS.

Additional Information can be found at

Please send any questions to

Suggested Timeline

Here is a suggested promotion timeline for promoting the NLS and DYLC courses at the lodge and section level. To utilize this timeline, select the course nearest you from the three courses listed above. Input the registration deadline for that course into the last row and then backdate from there to determine when to publish the promotional information. You can then move the specific dates around to fit within your lodge or section communications timeline.

ASAPUpdate the lodge and section website with information about the nearest NLS & DYLC course. Add this information to the lodge and section calendar.  
3 Months Before the Registration Deadline

3 Month Adult Email

3 Month Youth Email

2.5 Months Before the Registration Deadline “An Opportunity” Social Media Post  
2 Months Before the Registration Deadline

2 Month Adult Email

2 Month Youth Email

1.5 Months Before the Registration Deadline

“Across” Social Media Post

Lodge Chief Email to LEC

1 Month Before the Registration Deadline

1 Month Adult Email

1 Month Youth Email

2 Weeks Before the Registration Deadline“Its Coming” Social Media Post  

Social Media

This toolkit includes 3 social media captions and 3 social media graphics. Each graphic should be used with its corresponding graphic. For example the “An Opportunity” graphic should be used with the “An Opportunity” caption. It is important to update the captions with the information, such as date and location, for the course geographically closest to your lodge and section. It is recommended that links be included directly in the caption when posting to Facebook or Twitter but that the caption directs social media users to a link in the bio when posting to Instagram. The Southern Region also respectfully requests that your lodge and section share posts from the Southern Region social media accounts that promote the NLS and DYLC course nearest to your lodge and section. 


The toolkit also includes several email templates for your lodge and section leadership to utilize. The first email is intended to be sent by the lodge chief directly to the Lodge Executive Committee and other youth leaders in the lodge who may benefit from attending NLS. There are also email templates intended to be sent 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month prior to both the NLS and DYLC courses. These templates are separated for youth and adult audiences as the youth template focuses solely on NLS whereas the adult template includes information for adult advisers on both NLS and DYLC. It is important that the youth template be sent to those who will be under 21 years of age at the time of the course and that the adult template be sent to those who will be 21 years of age or older at the time of the course. As with the social media captions, it is important to update these emails with information specific to the course nearest your lodge, such as date and location. The templates also have space for your lodge to include any local scholarship opportunities. Please be sure to include any scholarship opportunities or delete this section prior to sending

Other Best Practices

In addition to utilizing social media and email platforms to promote NLS and DYLC, it is recommended that information about these courses also be posted to lodge and section websites. Please check out the Southern Region’s website for an example of how this information can be displayed. Finally, remember to add the NLS and DYLC courses to your lodge or section calendar.