2019 is the Year of the Lodge. We would like to take the opportunity to help support our Lodges as much as we can. One of the ways we are aiming to achieve this is through the new LLD program. This program is available on the national training website oa-bsa.org/training and is usable by anyone! We have a lot of new features that you may not know about. Firstly, we have a tool on the website that will generate LLD sessions that we recommend you teach at your Lodge’s LLD based on your JTE data from last year, and this will be updated on a yearly basis to ensure that you are receiving the most relevant suggestions possible. We also have a certificate that is available now and a patch coming soon. Both are customizable to incorporate specifics from your lodge!

The session syllabi and PowerPoints themselves have also been updated and categorized into two groups of sessions. There are now five Flagship Sessions and fifteen General Sessions. The flagship sessions are meant to be taught to as many people as possible – these sessions cover material such as membership retention, vision and goals, and building relationships. The general sessions are more specific, and we recommend they be taught to those who are interested and those who it pertains to, not the entire LLD. For example, it would be important for the Lodge officers and perhaps someone who is interested in finance to be taught about budgeting. However, the general membership does not need it, nor would they enjoy it. We also highly recommend bringing in more people to teach at your LLD than just Lodge officers, people such as Section officers and former Lodge officers, but we would like to emphasize that it is preferable that Lodge officers are also receiving training and learning.

This year is the year of the Lodge, so let’s make it one of improvement and progress. The Lodges are the backbone of this organization, and we wish to do everything in our power to give you the tools to succeed. Good luck as we begin this LLD season!


-Sid Salazar

Sid is the SR-6 Section Chief, a NLS crew guide, and served on the LLD rewrite team