The Southern Region’s annual We Support Camping Award was created in 2012 for the 2013 program year.  The award’s purpose is to encourage and incentivize lodges to sharpen their focus on camping support within their council.  The award is designed to be challenging, and to meet this challenge lodges must demonstrate leadership, service, and financial assistance to their local council’s outdoor program.

The award criteria was changed for the 2016 program year to more closely align with those of the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.  In this way, qualifying lodges would continue to gain regional recognition for their camping support, while providing a larger annual pool of applicants for the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.  The changes proved to be effective as 24 lodges received the award in 2016, the most ever in a single year.  Of the 24 recipients, 12 lodges received it for the first time.  Also for the first time, there was at least one recipient lodge from each of the Southern Region’s 11 sections.


In the four years since its inception, a total of 70 We Support Camping Awards have been earned by 37 unique Southern Region lodges.  These are a testament to the Order’s commitment to Scout camping.  The award plaques for the 2016 recipients will be sent to their respective section advisers in time for formal presentation at the conclave.


Here are the recipient lodges of the 2016 We Support Camping Award (those lodges marked with an asterisk have received the award all four years).


Aal-Pa-Tah                    Mowogo                    Skyuka

Aracoma                        Nakona                      Ta Tsu Hwa

Ashwanchi Kinta         Nawakwa                    Ti’ak

Catawba                        Nayawin Rar              Tutelo

Ini-To                            O-Shot-Caw               Unali‘yi

Ittawamba*                  Occoneechee*            Wa-Hi-Nasa

Kawida*                        Sebooney Okasuka    Wewanoma

Mikanakawa                Shenshawpotoo*        Yustaga


For more information on the award, as well as a complete list of past recipients, go to the Southern Region’s document library (