By Brendan Switts


Our region communications committee is lead by Coordinator Reed Powell from SR-5, but what does he even do? Let’s take a look at what a normal Friday before a section conclave means for him.


5:00 AM – Reed starts his day by waking up bright and early. The early bird catches the worm, and for Reed that worm is an hour of snapchatting, replying to emails and playing games on his phone. Productivity is best done early!

6:00 AM – An hour after he wakes up, Reed finally makes his way to the shower in his dorm at the University of Georgia.

7:00 AM – Once Reed gets out of the shower, he eats some breakfast while watching clips from late-night talk shows from the night before.

8:00 AM – Thankfully Reed has no Friday classes, so he is able to escape his usual 8:00 mad-rush to class.

9:00 AM – A full four hours after he wakes up, Reed begins to pack for the section conclave. He makes sure to pack his favorite windbreaker and triple-checks that he has his phone charger.

12:00 AM – Packed and ready to go, Reed eats his weekly lunch at Zaxby’s, a popular fast-food chain featuring fried chicken. He is definitely from the Southern Region.

1:00 PM – Reed is finally on the road, driving a Nissan Rogue and listening to a variety of music but most likely featuring Sia, Ariana Grande and the Hamilton Cast Album.

6:00 PM – Reed arrives at the section conclave, and checks in. Once he receives his credentials, he proceeds to go looking for food.

7:00 PM – Settled in at the event, Reed begins to fellowship with the local Arrowmen; asking them where they are from and their involvement with the OA.

8:00 PM – Reed starts taking photos of the event, both for region operations and his personal Snapchat.

9:00 PM – Reed typically takes some time to contact his communications team leadership and ask them if they have any specific media requests for the weekend. As he messages and calls them, he begins to update the region communications channels.

10:00 PM – Enjoying the cracker barrel, Reed plans out his weekend to make sure he can be productive while enjoying the local Council of Chief’s hard work.

11:00 PM – Exhausted after a long day, Reed goes to bed to rejuvenate for an exciting weekend.


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