Congratulations to our Awards Recipients!

Congratulations to the following lodges in the Southern Region on their achievements!


E. Urner Goodman Camping Award

Unalai’Yi Lodge

Coastal Garolina Council #550

Charleston, SC


Wewanoma Lodge

Rio Grande Council #775

Harlingen, TX


National Service Award

Mikanakawa Lodge

Circle Ten Council #571

Dallas, TX


O-Shot-Caw Lodge

South Florida Council #84

Miami Lakes, FL


Innovation Award

Echockotee Lodge

North Florida Council #45

Jacksonville, FL


Shenandoah Lodge

Stonewall Jackson Area Council #763

Waynesboro, VA

We Support Camping Award Celebrates Record Year

The Southern Region’s annual We Support Camping Award was created in 2012 for the 2013 program year.  The award’s purpose is to encourage and incentivize lodges to sharpen their focus on camping support within their council.  The award is designed to be challenging, and to meet this challenge lodges must demonstrate leadership, service, and financial assistance to their local council’s outdoor program.

The award criteria was changed for the 2016 program year to more closely align with those of the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.  In this way, qualifying lodges would continue to gain regional recognition for their camping support, while providing a larger annual pool of applicants for the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.  The changes proved to be effective as 24 lodges received the award in 2016, the most ever in a single year.  Of the 24 recipients, 12 lodges received it for the first time.  Also for the first time, there was at least one recipient lodge from each of the Southern Region’s 11 sections.


In the four years since its inception, a total of 70 We Support Camping Awards have been earned by 37 unique Southern Region lodges.  These are a testament to the Order’s commitment to Scout camping.  The award plaques for the 2016 recipients will be sent to their respective section advisers in time for formal presentation at the conclave.


Here are the recipient lodges of the 2016 We Support Camping Award (those lodges marked with an asterisk have received the award all four years).


Aal-Pa-Tah                    Mowogo                    Skyuka

Aracoma                        Nakona                      Ta Tsu Hwa

Ashwanchi Kinta         Nawakwa                    Ti’ak

Catawba                        Nayawin Rar              Tutelo

Ini-To                            O-Shot-Caw               Unali‘yi

Ittawamba*                  Occoneechee*            Wa-Hi-Nasa

Kawida*                        Sebooney Okasuka    Wewanoma

Mikanakawa                Shenshawpotoo*        Yustaga


For more information on the award, as well as a complete list of past recipients, go to the Southern Region’s document library (

Why Wachipi?

Arrowmen across the country are asking about Wachipi, the American Indian Seminar held on June 6th-10th, 2017 at the Philmont Training Center. Many are aware of the rich history that American Indian Activities (AIA) has in our Order but what’s so special about this event?


Why Wachipi?


1. You will learn how to properly represent American Indian Activities.

There is a lot of confusion in the Order of the Arrow about what role AIA serves in our organization. Many believe that it strictly consists of lodge ceremonies, but that is simply the tip of the iceberg. From dance teams to tipis, Wachipi will help you strengthen AIA programs back in your home lodges.

2. You will be able to start new programs in your Lodge.

There is going to be a lot of information at Wachipi that you can bring back to your lodges. While many lodges may want to start a dance team, it can be hard to find proper training for American Indian Craft and the dances themselves.  Wachipi will provide arrowmen with the tools needed to get these programs up and running.

3. You’ll get to learn about AIA from around the nation.

One thing many Arrowmen don’t know about is the diversity of AIA from lodge to lodge. Wachipi allows Arrowmen to compare programs with other Arrowmen who share their passion for AIA.

4. You can find a new passion in the Order.            

“This is a chance for members who aren’t necessarily involved in AIA to come and find an interest for life.” Wachipi was created to breathe new life into the Order of the Arrow’s AIA program. Whether you are already passionate about AIA , or looking to get involved, Wachipi is for you.

5. The Lodge that sends the most Arrowmen will receive a reward.                        

Wachipi is also offering a challenge to every lodge: The lodge that sends the most Arrowmen from each region will receive a beautiful pendleton blanket.


To find out more about Wachipi, visit


Register today at

March Chiefly Speaking

In the past few years, I have gained an appreciation for just how large the Order of the Arrow really is.  With over 170,000 members across over 250 lodges around the world, it is no surprise that our organization is able to provide several opportunities for Arrowmen from everywhere to participate and benefit.

One such event is the National Leadership Seminar, held multiple times each year in each region.  NLS is a leadership course designed for lodge and chapter leaders to learn countless leadership skills that will serve them in and out of Scouting.  The Southern Region offers three NLS sessions each year, and 2017 is no exception.  Tennessee, Florida, and Texas will all host an NLS this year, and I highly recommend every Arrowman take the chance to attend.  When I participated in 2013, I had an amazing weekend, and have heard dozens of others say the same.

Paired with NLS is the new Developing Youth Leaders Conference.  A successor to the former NLATS program, DYLC is oriented for adults within the OA, teaching them each how to work alongside youth, for the greater good of our organization on all levels.

This summer, a unique event is being held at Philmont for Arrowmen with an interest in American Indian activities.  Wachipi will be June 6-10 for $285, and is sure to provide youth and adult Arrowmen alike the chance to learn how to accurately build and improve their AIA program.  Lodges with an existing program, or those looking to start one, should certainly send at least one representative.

Another opportunity being held this year is reflective of one of the cornerstones of our organization- service.  With the National Jamboree being held this summer at the Summit Bechtel Reservation, it is critical that Arrowmen provide service to the event and its participants.  For $425, a fraction of the cost of being a general participant, Arrowmen can serve in one of three key staff roles- service corps, trek guides, or AIA Village staff.  I personally can not wait for wait Operation Arrow, this staff opportunity, holds for each of us.

Again, with an organization as big as ours, it is impossible to not want to participate in one of these great events.  If you have any questions, or can’t wait to get involved, find out more at