By: Owen Clapp

Tears stream down the face of families everyday, homes swept away along with hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. There are natural disasters that hit people of the world, the United States, and especially the states of the Southern Region. Earlier this year in August, the natural disaster of intense rain hit the state of Louisiana. Death total reached over a dozen, along 40,000 residential homes damaged, and 10,000 people sent to emergency shelters.  Even so, one man’s image of a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service in 1915 lead to an effort to serve and provide help that has continued today in the Southern Region.

Even though the helm is being taken up by Section 1A, the OA ReliefCorps allows for any Arrowman any lodge can participate in helping with efforts. This action plan consists of two different options that people can grasp onto to get involved: by donating or by doing a service project. Everyone that participates in an effort that benefits any aspect of the community, aside from the BSA or a local for 5 hours, such as sending cleaning buckets, will receive a Gold bordered patch in commemoration. The lodge service should be noted on the Lodge Reliefcorps Report and sent to to receive the patches to be handed out by November 30th of this year. One can also donate 10 dollars to the recovery effort for a silver bordered patch and 100 dollars to receive the gold bordered patch. Take the opportunity to reach out and show how the Order is truly an organization that is about cheerful service by  helping here today.