The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor Order of the Arrow members, youth and adults, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is presented at National Order of the Arrow Conferences.  Since 1940 only 965 persons, including the Class of 2015 recipients, have been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award.

The Southern Region is pleased to announce the following 26 new recipients of the DSA:

  • Gregory Wade Bajan
  • Taylor Louis Bobrow
  • Ryan Michael Braddy
  • Matthew Edmondson Brown
  • Timothy Carlton Brown
  • Harry Bubeck
  • Brian Andrew Corder
  • Dr. Alan Edward
  • Barry J. Ekle
  • Noel Falcon
  • Sean Ferrier
  • Michael C. Goins
  • David Bill Joyner
  • Paul C. Lackie
  • Preston Marquis
  • Isaac Mcdaniel
  • Tracy Mesler
  • R. Gregory Moore
  • Craig G. Ongley
  • Samuel Edward Pitts
  • Wesley D. Seaman
  • Aaron Shepherd
  • Russell Hoke Smart
  • Tyler Stepanek
  • Bradley David Torpey
  • Brett Alan Warner