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The Order of the Arrow’s support of the Cub Scouting program is absolutely crucial to developing strong bonds with our local units, and having a positive impact on the Scouting careers of our future Arrowmen. There are many ways an Order of the Arrow lodge can support the Cub Scout program in the local council.  Supporting the Cub Scout program can:

  • Develop interactive skills between all ages of Scouts
  • Enrich the overall council program on all levels
  • Encourage collaboration between troops and packs

Through OA program exposure, Cub Scout ceremonies, Cub Scout program support, and camping promotions, local lodges can play a significant role in their local Cub Scout program. In this month’s first Play-by-Play Guide, be sure to check out how lodges around the region are highlighting OA programs and getting “the boys in blue” to notice.

OA Program Exposure

An Order of the Arrow lodge can provide Cub Scouts an opportunity to interact with OA members in Native American dance outfits.  Events may be dance demonstrations or may provide an opportunity for the Cub Scouts to participate in the dance with OA members. A few specific examples of involvement are:

Day of Service

Each year, Chicksa Lodge of the Yocona Area Council holds community service projects with local Cub Scout packs.  Arrowmen work alongside Cub Scouts, engaging them and educating them about the importance of service to the community.

Cub Scout Pow-Wow

Arrowmen from Coosa Lodge, chartered to the Greater Alabama Council, engage with Cub Scouts in various types of Native American dancing during an annual Cub Scout Pow-Wow. Drum lessons are also offered. Be sure to consider including fancy dance, a popular type of dancing that will get younger Scouts involved.

OA booth at Cub Scout Camping Events

Several lodges in the region participate in Cub Scout camping events by hosting an OA craft booth. Cub Scouts can construct a Scout craft, such as keychain charms, neckerchief slides, or medicine pouches with the OA logo.

Native American Dance Expo

OA dance teams from Mowogo Lodge of the Northeast Georgia Council visit local packs in order to educate and inform Scouts about Native American traditions. Dance Expos are a great way to get Cub Scouts involved and participating in an OA program.

Be sure to keep a lookout for Part 2 of this month’s Play-by-Play Guide: Supporting and Enriching Cub Scout programs.