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Play-by-Play LogoThe promotion and support of Scout camping is central to the Order of the Arrow’s purpose. Supporting council camping programs is one of the most direct ways that the Order fulfills this segment of the purpose. Be sure that your lodge supports Scouting’s many outings with the resources found in this month’s first Play-by-Play Guide on lodge camping support.

Summer Camp Troop Promotion Kit

The greatest adventures of a Scout’s life begin at Boy Scout camp. Where else but in the great outdoors can a boy hear the midnight hush of the deep woods, breathe the sweetness of distant wood-smoke, look down in awe at where he’s been, and look up in wonder at where he still must go. Where else but in the great outdoors can a boy glimpse the deer drinking at first light, watch eagles soaring in a cloudless sky, feel the warmth of the campfire as it glows orange against the thickening darkness, and at the end of a long day, hear the hooting owl under a sky flashing with stars.

Who can say that in such an atmosphere a youth’s mind is not reached, his faith not freshened, or his heart not stirred. Or that, in ways that are a mystery to us all, he will not grow closer to the man he is becoming.

The Order of the Arrow’s Summer Camp Troop Promotion Kit  contains resources for the tools you need to share the summer camp experience with Scouts.

OA Camp Coordinator (OACC)

The OA Camp Coordinator (formerly known as the OA Camp Chief), is a youth Arrowman who cheerfully serves both the camp and the lodge during the summer camp season. Summer camp is a great opportunity for the lodge to maximize the Order’s impact on members and non-members alike. Whether its conducting unit elections, organizing OA gatherings, performing in various ceremonies, coordinating service projects, participating in Indian dance exhibitions, or teaching the Indian Lore merit badge…the OA Camp Coordinator is the “go-to” person for all Order of the Arrow related questions and activities

The OACC program provides many benefits to both the council and camp. In addition, the position is a prerequisite for those lodges/councils interested in participating in the Get Kids To Camp Partnership. Also, for those lodges seeking to earn the Southern Region’s We Support Camping Award, the OACC is a mandatory requirement.

Get Kids To Camp Partnership

The Southern Region actively promotes and strongly supports the National OA Committee’s Get Kids To Camp Partnership program. To better assist lodges with a stronger awareness of the program’s details, as well as with the program’s implementation, the Southern Region’s Lodge Camping Support Subcommittee has developed a Get Kids To Camp Partnership Information Sheet. The flyer includes not only a detailed description of the program, but a five-step implementation plan to assist lodges with administering the program.

We Support Camping Award

To annually recognize those Southern Region lodges whose camping support efforts greatly enhance their council’s outdoor programs, the Lodge Camping Support Subcommittee developed the We Support Camping Award.

The purpose of the award is to encourage and incentivize lodges to sharpen their focus on their camping support programs within their council. As such, the region’s Lodge Camping Support Subcommittee will provide support and encourage all Southern Region lodges as they serve their councils in these camping support programs. Be sure to submit the petition after satisfying the award requirements.