regionsosEach year the Southern Region hosts a weekend where section leaders come together. Section chiefs, vice-chiefs, secretaries, and advisers come together along with various region leadership to discuss Conclave planning, national events, and programs.

This year the event was held in Dallas, TX and leaders had the message “Do it” from the theme in their minds throughout the entire weekend.

On Saturday morning one of the things that was presented was chapters for the Southern Region Resource Guide for Lodges. This regional publication will aid lodges in achieving Journey To Excellence (JTE) requirements and improve overall operation. The guide should be available by the end of the year.

Each section leadership team had various breakout sessions throughout the weekend to discuss where they wanted their sections to go. Their ideas and plans were then presented to the group where they were given feedback. Officers also had the opportunity to listen to hear ideas of things that have worked in other sections.

To conclude the event, all of the participants drove to the Fort Worth Stockyards for a Texas barbecue dinner, live music, and a rodeo. The leaders of the Southern Region left well equipped and motivated for the year ahead.