ReliefCorps 2013This past Spring, two EF5 tornadoes and flooding devastated the people of Central Oklahoma with loss of property and life. Homes, schools, and business were wiped clean from their foundations. Over forty people lost their lives and entire families were washed away in flooding. It will take thousands of relief workers, months of clean-up, and years of rebuilding before these areas will ever return to normal.

Arrowmen from all over the Southern Region have reached out looking for ways to help. In an effort to focus the incredible charitable spirit of our members and maximize our ability to help those in need, the Southern Region ReliefCorps has been called back into action.

The original idea for ReliefCorps was sparked by images of Arrowmen from Tuscaloosa helping rescue workers dig through rubble from the 2011 tornado outbreak in Alabama. ReliefCorps made a huge impact on those devastated in 2011 and it is sure to make a definite impact now in Oklahoma. The vision for ReliefCorps is to help generate manpower and revenue to assist those affected by natural disasters throughout the Southern Region.

Whenever disaster strikes, ReliefCorps is called back into action. The Southern Region ReliefCorps program is currently sponsored by Section 8 in Oklahoma and Arkansas. All lodges are encouraged to participate no matter their geographic location.

The program has two components: a lodge service project and a fundraiser. To commemorate our efforts to assist in the recovery, a special gold mylar bordered patch has been designed. To earn the service patch, you must participate in a lodge organized service project. There is only one requirement; the service project must benefit the community and not the BSA or any council. At the conclusion of the service project, the lodge should complete the Lodge ReliefCorps Report and submit it electronically by Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Additionally, a silver mylar bordered patch may be purchased for $10.00 and $1.30 shipping per order. All proceeds from these sales will be given to the American Red Cross. There is no service requirement to purchase the fundraiser patch. Orders for the patch can be made online at and all patches must be purchased by Sunday, June 30th, 2013. Please help reach out to help the victims of these natural disasters by participating in this program and remember that “he who serves his fellows is of all his fellows, greatest”.

Check out for more information on Lodge Service Projects and how you can be part of the ReliefCorps.