Scouting's National Honor Society

Region Committee

map-redThe OA Southern Region Committee was formed in order to better facilitate the programs, services, and resources for our member sections and lodge. Within the committee, there are six Vice Chairmen who are supported by youth leaders appointed by the region chief and advised by selected adult volunteers.


Jason Riley, Vice Chairman | Training

  • Chris Gower, NLS Coordinator
  • Rob Kennerly, DYLC Coordinator
  • Taylor Bobrow, DYLC Presenter Team Leader
  • Anthony Johnson, Registrar
  • Jakob Helderman, NLS Contract Completion Specialist

Brett Warner, Vice Chairman | Program

  • Harrison Fry, SeaBreak Youth Lead
  • Devang Desai, SeaBreak Adviser
  • Jim Alexander, SOS Support
  • Robert Fudge, High Adventure

W. Scott Smith, Vice Chairman | Communications & Technology

  • Justin Abshire, Social Media
  • Matt Madderra, Web Site
  • Scott Scheffler, Public Relations
  • Aaron Shepherd, Content & Southern Standard
  • AJ Valverde, Communications Youth Coordinator

Mackie Zewalk, Vice Chairman | National Events

  • Mason Thomas, National Initiatives
  • Jason Peoples, NOAC 2018
  • Chris Phillips, Philmont DYLC 2018
  • Youth Coordinators to be appointed

Charlie Harbin, Vice Chairman | Section Operations

  • Tim Brown, Camping Support
  • Larry Mobley, Journey to Excellence
  • Carter Hartwell, Journey to Excellence (Youth Coordinator)

Jim Cheatham, Vice Chairman | Administration

  • Don Combs, Budgeting
  • Seth Mollitt, Finance
  • Sam Pitts, Support
  • Chris Snoddy, Quartermaster
  • Brian Lux, Trading Post