2020 Service Grant Awarded

Since 1999, the National OA Committee has annually selected lodges from each region to
receive matching service grants. In 2020, four lodges in councils across the nation were
chosen to receive a combined total of $10,900 in matching grants via the OA Service Grant

The Southern Region’s recipient is Washita Lodge #288 of the Cherokee Area Council, headquartered in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Washita Lodge is a member of SR-8.

They will receive $3,300 to install solar-generated electricity and LED lights at Camp

Congratulations Washita Lodge!

Focus Vice Chiefs

The Southern Region is proud to be home to 3 of the 6 Focus Vice Chiefs. Read on below to learn more about what Focus Vice Chiefs do.

2019 is a Focus year for the OA. We are taking the year to focus on the lodges, Section conclaves, and about our membership changes.

At the National Planning Meeting, the section chiefs were sorted into 6 focus teams,

  • Conclave 2.0 Administration
  • Conclave 2.0 Content
  • Election Rate
  • Activation
  • Inductions
  • 2019 Hackathon

Each team selects a leader, who is designated the Focus Vice Chief. The Focus Vice Chief plays a major role in what their group does. Our 3 chiefs serving as FVCs will play a major role in the direction their groups take and make a mark on the future of the OA.

2019 Region Chief Sid Salazar

We are excited to announce that Sid Salazar will be serving as our 2019 Southern Region Chief.

Sid hails from Franklin, Tennessee. Sid is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge of the Middle Tennessee Council. He has served as the Sr-6 Section Chief, Section Vice Chief and the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Chief, and Vice Chief. He is a sophomore at Georgia Tech studying Business Administration.


We are counting down the hours till NOAC 2018 starts! We want to see what our region is up to during NOAC, so use #SRatNOAC this week for a chance to be featured in upcoming Region and National posts and publications.


See y’all soon!