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An Arrow of Recovery: Help support OA Reliefcorps 2016

By: Owen Clapp

Tears stream down the face of families everyday, homes swept away along with hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. There are natural disasters that hit people of the world, the United States, and especially the states of the Southern Region. Earlier this year in August, the natural disaster of intense rain hit the state of Louisiana. Death total reached over a dozen, along 40,000 residential homes damaged, and 10,000 people sent to emergency shelters.  Even so, one man’s image of a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service in 1915 lead to an effort to serve and provide help that has continued today in the Southern Region.

Even though the helm is being taken up by Section 1A, the OA ReliefCorps allows for any Arrowman any lodge can participate in helping with efforts. This action plan consists of two different options that people can grasp onto to get involved: by donating or by doing a service project. Everyone that participates in an effort that benefits any aspect of the community, aside from the BSA or a local for 5 hours, such as sending cleaning buckets, will receive a Gold bordered patch in commemoration. The lodge service should be noted on the Lodge Reliefcorps Report and sent to to receive the patches to be handed out by November 30th of this year. One can also donate 10 dollars to the recovery effort for a silver bordered patch and 100 dollars to receive the gold bordered patch. Take the opportunity to reach out and show how the Order is truly an organization that is about cheerful service by  helping here today.

Mike White Selected As Next Southern Region Chairman

Mike WhiteThe Southern Region is pleased to announce that Mike White will become the next Southern Region Chairman effective December 28th, at the National Order of the Arrow Planning Meeting. The Director of the Southern Region, Ron Oats, has selected Mike to assume these responsibilities.

Mike resides in Charlottesville, VA and is a member of Stonewall Jackson Area Council #763. Over the years, Mike has served in numerous leadership roles in the Order of the Arrow both as a youth and an adult. Most recently he has served as a Lodge Adviser, Section Adviser, Regional Coordinator for National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS) and as a member of the Southern Region OA Committee. Professionally, Mike is a Senior Analyst at OPUS Underwriting Limited.

In addition to his duties as Chairman, Mike will join the National Order of the Committee and serve on the Section and Regional Operations Sub Committee.

We Support Camping Award

we_support_campingIn 2012, the Southern Region OA Committee developed the “We Support Camping Award”. The award’s purpose is to encourage and incentivize lodges to sharpen their focus on camping support within their council. As Scout camping is central to the Order’s purpose, the award criteria are designed to be challenging. To meet this challenge, lodges must demonstrate leadership, service, and financial assistance to their local council’s outdoor program. To date, nearly 50 awards have been presented to Southern Region lodges.

For the 2016 program year, the award criteria have been updated to more closely align with those of the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award. In this way, qualifying lodges would continue to gain regional recognition for their camping support, while providing a larger annual pool of applicants for the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award. For more information on the award, as well as a list of past recipients, please refer to following resources or visit the region’s online document library.

Program Resources

Southern Region Centennial Patches Now Available

To celebrate the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary, the Southern Region is making available several limited-edition patches and patch sets! Orders should be placed soon, as they will likely sell out quickly.

First, the region is producing a special gold mylar-bordered edition of the OA Centennial Historical set. Only 100 sets of these have been made, and there will be no reorder. In addition to the patches themselves, each set comes with a PDF file to allow you to print and frame a high-resolution image of the set. The cost is $100 per set, and the quantity is limited to only one set per person ordering.

Second, the region is making available Southern Region OA Centennial and 2015 NOAC chenille patches. The patches measure 6.5″ x 5″, and only 100 of each were made. The cost is $45 each, and the quantity is limited to one of each patch per person.

These patches will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your items, please email You will then receive instructions on how to proceed with your order, and your items will be held for you, pending payment. All prices include postage.

All proceeds from these sales will benefit the Southern Region’s Order of the Arrow program. Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you at NOAC!